Paul Charming

i just bumped into this blog! wow i like it.. really positive stuff.


wow, positive attitude I like that and thank you for sharing.

ZealThinks of ZealThinks blog

Wow!! I bless this day for “stumbling” upon this blog!!! in my few years as a blogger I am not sure I have come across a blog that has “hit” me as hard as this…Thank you Colleen for opening my eye to issues concerning people with disability…now i must confess that I have many people with disability around me…the closest being an adopted brother who came into my family when i was already almost an adult…I actually before now thought I had a decent understanding of issues that people with disability face…i thought i “understood”…going through a few posts on your blog has blown a big hole in that balloon of my ignorance…I am now at ground zero…broken and ashamed with myself…
today begins a new journey in my life to unlearn and relearn…and this is a good place for me to start (following this blog)…thank you again…thank you!

MaKupsy of MaKupsy and Fitness Bae blogs

I remember the first time I saw the title of your blog. “Life Through Disability Lens”.  If I am completely honest it was the camera you were holding in a picture on your header that grabbed my attention.  I found myself questioning what it was that you captured in those lens that would grab my attention. Hitting the follow button was the best decision I ever made.  Through your blog I became increasingly aware of the different trials and tribulations individuals with disabilities go through.  We live life mainly focused on ourselves but hardly ever take time to think of the next person.  Thanks to your blog I now know better and whenever I bump into an informative post I share it with those around me.  Your blog is a powerful voice for those who are not able to share their story; keep writing, the world is watching and soon more people will take matters seriously and make life more manageable, especially here in Zimbabwe.

Ganzymalgwi of I G Malgwi’s Blog

Your doing a very good work in inspiring others with your life.

Angelbert Wamambo Editor of Untitled263 Creatives’ Magazine

You know how when you barely have friends & relatives say in South Africa, you would quickly scroll past xenophobia headlines in the paper or maybe just read for interest sake, because you’re barely affected? This was me when it came to disability issues, I just never took interest, probably thought I’m not the target market. Then early last year I bumped into Colleen Chifamba’s blog and it instantly shifted my mindset. I had just come across one article which I intended to browse through and carry on with my tweets but instead I found myself saving almost all the previous posts on my opera for a later offline read. I gave myself time and only then did I realise how backwards I was because of my ignorance. Lucky enough, it’s not filled with rantings & outcries only but it gives suggestions on what part we can play to include people living with disabilities in our daily lives and initiatives, especially those that affect them. I’d lie if I say it didn’t challenge the way I view life as we live it. I keep recommending the blog to everyone I interact with and I’ve got the same response, it’s an Ah-Mazing learning curve! Thank you so much Colleen for this.💜