Zimbabwe Disability

Disability Friendly Homes

A fortnight ago Edmore Masendeke of The Diary of a Disability Activist  uploaded a video of his new home to various social media platforms and my initial response was WOW!!!! I was totally blown away by the house that he built for himself, a disability friendly house as he calls it. In the video, he takes… Continue reading Disability Friendly Homes

Zimbabwe Disability

Disability Levy

https://twitter.com/colleenchifamba/status/558566105971564544/photo/1 I have been all up in my feelings for the past two weeks over the proposed “Disability Levy.” When I first read the above article I was rejoicing doing cart wheels and all. FINALLY there was proposed funding for people with disabilities. After the joy had died down and I was back to my… Continue reading Disability Levy


My Experience My Story !

I recently had a conversation that left me feeling a bit rattled. Without divulging too much information, i was basically told that i should not compare disability issues in my home country in Zimbabwe and Australia where i currently live because they are two different places and if people in Zimbabwe treat me badly it… Continue reading My Experience My Story !