Shining The Spotlight

Shining The Spotlight.

I have created a new section on the blog called Shining The Spotlight where I will be featuring people with disabilities, simply put it is a section to celebrate and honour people with disabilities. We do not get any air time in media so why not create our own platforms and celebrate ourselves. The feature… Continue reading Shining The Spotlight.

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Yes I Am A Victim.

People with disabilities are often labelled as being angry or having a victim mentality. It's not that we are angry we are just frustrated. Frustrated at the fact that we live in societies that discriminate against us, we live in societies that do not want to include nor accommodate us, we live in societies where… Continue reading Yes I Am A Victim.

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Disability Levy I have been all up in my feelings for the past two weeks over the proposed “Disability Levy.” When I first read the above article I was rejoicing doing cart wheels and all. FINALLY there was proposed funding for people with disabilities. After the joy had died down and I was back to my… Continue reading Disability Levy