Accesibility Reviews

The Way We View Disability Accessibility Is Flawed.

Ever since I started doing accessibility reviews I have become very aware of how inaccessible the most livable city in the world is for some people with disabilities. Everywhere that I go I am always looking out to see if the place is accessible and I must say I find myself getting disappointed many of… Continue reading The Way We View Disability Accessibility Is Flawed.


7th Anniversary.

Today is my 7th anniversary in this the most beautiful city in the world. 9 February 2007 is the day I arrived in Australia with my twin brother to begin my adult journey.  To say I wasn't scared is an understatement. I even cried at Harare International airport  on the day I left home cause… Continue reading 7th Anniversary.



"In human psychology, acceptance is a person's assent to the reality of a situation, recognising a process or condition often negative or uncomfortable without attempting to change it." Throughout my life up until this year, the one thing I struggled with the most with regards to my disability is this concept of acceptance, acceptance of… Continue reading Acceptance.