Not Having A Disability Is A Privilege In Itself.

I recently sat down with a friend and listened to them complain about failing to find a job. No problems with that, I am always more than willing to offer a listening ear to anyone who wants to talk, rant, vent about whatever. What particularly caught my attention at this point in the conversation was… Continue reading Not Having A Disability Is A Privilege In Itself.

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Yes I Am A Victim.

People with disabilities are often labelled as being angry or having a victim mentality. It's not that we are angry we are just frustrated. Frustrated at the fact that we live in societies that discriminate against us, we live in societies that do not want to include nor accommodate us, we live in societies where… Continue reading Yes I Am A Victim.


These Shoes Ain’t Loyal.

"A high top is a shoe that extends significantly over the wearer's ankle. It is commonly an athletic shoe particularly for basketball"-Wikipedia, 2015 AND it is also a shoe i am obsessed with. I can literally spend an hour looking at different websites that sell high tops just to admire this beautiful shoe. I mean have… Continue reading These Shoes Ain’t Loyal.


It Was Meant To Be.

Two days ago  i celebrated my birthday!!! I had initially planned to post something on the day but i ended up being away from my laptop  for most of the day but anyway here i am. It was a really nice chilled quiet day at home doing absolutely nothing which is exactly what i wanted.… Continue reading It Was Meant To Be.


The struggle continues…..

Before i begin let me just point out that this post is a follow up to this post Now that's out of the way let's begin. Today i went to my local gym to check it out and see if can use any of the equipment. It's something i have been thinking about a… Continue reading The struggle continues…..