A Note To Say Thank You.

This is a note to say thank to everyone who reads my posts and follows the blog. Thank you for coming on this journey with me as i chronicle my life with a disability. Thank you for engaging in dialogue with me about disability issues. I feel free to write about anything i want knowing… Continue reading A Note To Say Thank You.

Zimbabwe Disability

Disability Levy I have been all up in my feelings for the past two weeks over the proposed “Disability Levy.” When I first read the above article I was rejoicing doing cart wheels and all. FINALLY there was proposed funding for people with disabilities. After the joy had died down and I was back to my… Continue reading Disability Levy


Please Allow Me.

Yesterday i got onto the tram in the city just after lunch time and it was packed!!!! #NoteToSelf: never get onto any tram in the city during lunch hour. I get onto this tram, it is packed, there's no free seat in sight so i decide to stand like any other passenger would. The doors… Continue reading Please Allow Me.


Just my thoughts

Over the last couple of weeks i have had people say to me "Colleen i don't see you as having a disability." I have to say of all the ridiculous things people say to me this is right there at the top of the list. One explanation given was "it's because i don't like the… Continue reading Just my thoughts


To go or not to go is the question

It’s currently 0026hrs Sunday the 1st of December and that means just a month before 2013 comes to an end WOW!!!!!!! And it also marks just two days to go till the International Day of People with Disability on the 3rd of December (bet A LOT of people don’t know the day exists). for the… Continue reading To go or not to go is the question