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My First TV Interview.

Mama I was on tv talking about my blog. 🙂 On the 27th of August 2016, I met Dorcas Utkovic of Oz African TV at a media workshop hosted by a local organisation in the city of Melbourne. After the workshop Dorcas came up to me and said “I want you on the show on… Continue reading My First TV Interview.

Life, Zimbabwe Disability

Dear Disability Activist.

Dear disability activists I have learnt there is no one size fits all and your approach matters. Disability activists are some of the most passionate people I know especially the ones that have disabilities themselves. We are passionate about disability rights because we have lived experience. Our experience of ablesim dictates that we are unapologetically… Continue reading Dear Disability Activist.

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Disability Friendly Homes

A fortnight ago Edmore Masendeke of The Diary of a Disability Activist  uploaded a video of his new home to various social media platforms and my initial response was WOW!!!! I was totally blown away by the house that he built for himself, a disability friendly house as he calls it. In the video, he takes… Continue reading Disability Friendly Homes