Zimbabwe Disability

Does she have a place in society?

For the past month or so i have been thinking of the woman in this article  and i keep asking the question does she have a place in the Zimbabwean society? To summarize the story she had a child with a disability and before her husband went AWOL he had put pressure on her to kill… Continue reading Does she have a place in society?

Zimbabwe Disability

How language fuels discrimination

Hello blogging world!!! I have been missing in action for a while now. I had some serious writers block but I am so glad my writing mojo is back. In the last few weeks i have been pondering on why society mistreats and discriminates against people with disabilies. What exactly is it about us folk… Continue reading How language fuels discrimination

Zimbabwe Disability

Disability Levy

https://twitter.com/colleenchifamba/status/558566105971564544/photo/1 I have been all up in my feelings for the past two weeks over the proposed “Disability Levy.” When I first read the above article I was rejoicing doing cart wheels and all. FINALLY there was proposed funding for people with disabilities. After the joy had died down and I was back to my… Continue reading Disability Levy