God Has Not Given Us Fear.

Recently one of my favourite preachers was a guest speaker at church and he brought a powerful message on Fear Not. The key scripture was 2 Timothy 1: 6-7. Fear will always lead us to hiding, hiding from God, calling and friends because we don't want to be exposed for the fears we have. Fear… Continue reading God Has Not Given Us Fear.


Online Dating.

Recently a friend and I were discussing online dating in the context of people with disabilities. In our discussion I came up with three reasons that might keep people with disabilities away from the online dating scenes. These reasons are having to disclose one's disability, fear of being overlooked and the potential of meeting devotees.… Continue reading Online Dating.

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Working With People With Disabilities.

A fortnight ago I had the pleasure and honour of doing a presentation on Working With Clients With Disabilities at a friend's workplace for their team day. When I was approached I was very hesitant in fact I gave so many excuses as to why I could not do it and instead recommended other people… Continue reading Working With People With Disabilities.


Seasons, Substance and Storms.

Last week Sunday Pastor Tim preached a word that left me so challenged and refreshed at the same time. The Holy Spirit was so evident in the service right from the start of praise and worship, throughout the word and the worship session after the service. He spoke on how our seasons create the substance… Continue reading Seasons, Substance and Storms.

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What Non-Disabled People Get Wrong About Accessibility

What Non-Disabled People Get Wrong About Accessibility-must read !!


I’ve been working on this for a couple of months but it can be for Blogging Against Disablism Day 2017

I’m disabled. So are both my partners. And most of my siblings. And 85+% of my friends.
This is partly because there are a LOT of disabled people in the world, with most estimates at somewhere between 15% and 25% of people being disabled in some way. It’s also because of the way that abled (or non-disabled) people Just Don’t Get It in a million tiny huge ways that add up and can make being their friends or partners noticeably more difficult or more tiring than being friends or partners with other disabled people.

It’s not their lack of disability itself that is the problem so much as that we all live in a very disablist (ableist / anti-disabled-people / disabling) society and we’re all unlearning a load of bullshit…

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The Way We View Disability Accessibility Is Flawed.

Ever since I started doing accessibility reviews I have become very aware of how inaccessible the most livable city in the world is for some people with disabilities. Everywhere that I go I am always looking out to see if the place is accessible and I must say I find myself getting disappointed many of… Continue reading The Way We View Disability Accessibility Is Flawed.