Personal Review of Defiant Lives.

I have been missing from this space for the longest time. Gosh I feel like I have been saying that a lot this year *covers face* I guess that is the beauty of running your own blog, you post at your own will under no pressure at all. A huge thank you to all the… Continue reading Personal Review of Defiant Lives.


The Most Important Thing To Watch In 2017.

Listen the most important thing to watch this year isn't a superhero movie or a romcom or any other big Hollywood movie. The most important thing to watch in 2017 is the documentary Defiant Lives. What is Defiant Lives all about you ask? Well Defiant Lives is a documentary about the disability rights movement. I… Continue reading The Most Important Thing To Watch In 2017.


We Should All Care About Disability Rights.

Two weeks ago I woke up to disturbing pictures and videos of disabled protestors being forcibly removed from Senator Mitch McConnell's Office for protesting against the Healthcare Bill. You can read more about it here.  These are some of the tweets I came across on that day. I do not reside in… Continue reading We Should All Care About Disability Rights.


There Is No Diversity Without Disabled People.

We live in times when there is so much buzz and talk about diversity. Organizations, institutions, movements all over the world are moving towards being more diverse or at least making efforts to do so and including different groups of people. Any organizations that is openly discriminatory is heavily criticized and some cases people boycott… Continue reading There Is No Diversity Without Disabled People.


Online Dating.

Recently a friend and I were discussing online dating in the context of people with disabilities. In our discussion I came up with three reasons that might keep people with disabilities away from the online dating scenes. These reasons are having to disclose one's disability, fear of being overlooked and the potential of meeting devotees.… Continue reading Online Dating.

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Working With People With Disabilities.

A fortnight ago I had the pleasure and honour of doing a presentation on Working With Clients With Disabilities at a friend's workplace for their team day. When I was approached I was very hesitant in fact I gave so many excuses as to why I could not do it and instead recommended other people… Continue reading Working With People With Disabilities.