Hagar: You Are The God Who Sees Me.

The story of Hagar is found in Genesis 16.
3 main keys to take away from it
1. God’s promise- God’s timing 
Even when there is mistakes and failures along the way, God is still sovereign and His plans still come to pass
When do you wait on a promise and when do you work on the promise?
It takes maturity to discern God’s timing
2. Life or death in a desert place?
Wilderness is a place of testing and judgement and also a place of provision and blessing
You can encounter God in the most amazing way in the wilderness
It’s possible to get manna from heaven in a difficult place
Can have blessing and wilderness at the same time
Don’t spiritually die in the desert
Sometimes you can encounter God during the most difficult seasons
3. Good questions-good answers 
Own the best choices you’ve made
If this carries on where will it end?
Look ahead
In the moment of crisis get in the heart of God

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