Your Story Do You Want To Be Well?-Christine Caine

John 5: 1-15

You can decide to live life victoriously or live life with a victim mentality.

Don’t live below what God has intended for you.

Negativity loves company, stay away from negative people.

Do you believe the words you sing in worship?

Do you want to get well or continue to lay by the pool in negativity and victim mentality?

How many more excuses are you going to use?

There’s always someone who get the opportunities before me—–> that’s a victim mentality.

A victim mentality is stopping you from stepping into all that Jesus has for you.

There is room for everyone in the Kingdom of God to succeed.

Move past the past and move forward.

Stop getting comfortable with the victim mentality and put on the cloak of righteousness.

Stop blaming the system, Jesus is bigger than the system.

Jesus has redeemed your life, you are no longer a victim of your past.

What Jesus did for you is greater than your failures and disappointments.

In order to change your situation, you have to change your position, change your posture.

Embrace the pain that comes with changing your position. Are you willing to go through the pain of recovery? Are you willing to change and embrace the pain in order to impact future generations to come?

Change will come if you stay in the word of God.

Build your life on the truth of the word of God and not on the facts of your situation.





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