Shining The Spotlight

Shining The Spotlight on Tiffany.

This week the spot light is shining on Tiffany aka @uniqueli_made. I love the work she is doing through her business UniqueliMade.

Who is Tiffany?

Tiffany is a southern girl who is loving, caring, very ambitious, and goofy to no end. She is determined, and a go-getter. You will never see her without a smile on her face. She strives every day to make a way out of no way at all because she has no choice. This is where she gets her strength. Simply put I believed I could, so I did!

What was it like growing up with Spastic Diplegia cerebral palsy?

Growing up with Spastic Diplegia Cerebral Palsy was overall good, but like any other disability, you have your good and bad moments. In my younger years, I had a lot of hospital visits and was taken up to the Children’s Hospital in South Carolina regularly. But other than that my mother made sure that she instilled in me that just because I’m disabled and have to do things differently doesn’t mean anything. I went to regular schools that happen to have the accommodations for disabled students. Which meant I would be taking regular classes with regular students. This was a good and a bad thing because I got to be around kids my age and forge friendships but doing that also came with its downside of ridicule and teasing. It hurt my feelings because all I wanted to do was be accepted. But I later learned that if I accepted and loved myself for me that others would too. I began to embrace everything, educating myself and doing my own research on my disability and the more I learned the more I began accepting and so did everyone else.

What do you currently do work or school?

I currently work as an Editor/Literary Consultant and Entrepreneur.  But I graduated from college with a degree in Web Design and Interactive Media.  Why I chose that is because I’ve always been a creative person whether it was writing poetry, short stories, music, designing graphics, and or web sites…I love it! It’s truly a passion and with Uniqueli MADE I get to enjoy two of my deepest passions.

What is Uniqueli Made?

Uniqueli MADE is an acronym for being Uniquely Motivated, Ambitious, Determined, and Empowered.  I chose this because as a community disabled people are all unique.  We all have different things that motivate us, different ambitions, different levels of determination and different things that make us feel empowered.   I started Uniqueli MADE in the fall of 2013 when I was still in college and I was struggling to find work and resources that were given to and suppose to help me left me confused and lost as to what to do.  So the plan to begin Uniqueli MADE was always in the works I just imagined it would be later down the line.  Later, came really fast because I was about to graduate, no job, no resources that really worked or helped and no idea how I was going to start paying my student loans so I made a plan the next week and Uniqueli MADE was alive. It is a platform that shares Disability News, Resources, Accommodations, and Inspiration to empower those in the disabled community, and helping them to build the lives they want.

What is it like running your own business?

Running my own business is definitely an adventure with plenty of ups and downs.  But I would not change it for the world..I absolutely love it!  Every day I get to see my vision come alive even more.

What has been the reception of your podcasts?

The reception to Uniqueli MADE Radio is awesome.  I’ve only just begun it’s almost been two months so I still have a lot of improvements and things to work on but the feedback is great!  I try to stick to relatable or requested topics.  To request a topic just e-mail me at


Any future plans for Uniqueli Made?

I have so much in store for Uniqueli MADE in the future. I’m working on becoming an LLC. Books, an online store, more living with interviews, speaking engagements, and a foundation to name a few.  It’s going to be amazing.
Instagram: @uniqueli_made






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