Accesibility Reviews

Margaret Court Arena Accessibility Review.

Melbourne was once again named the most liveable city in the world and since it’s been a while since I’ve done any accessibility reviews; I thought this would be a perfect opportunity to review one of the arenas in this beautiful city Margaret Court Arena.

I have been to the renovated Margaret Court Arena twice and in both cases for church activities. The first being last Easter on a Sunday afternoon and the other being earlier in the year on a Thursday night. On the Sunday afternoon I did notice that certain facilities were not available eg the lift into the arena was not open that day. Previously I had been to the arena for tennis during the Australian Open.


Margaret Court Arena is a tennis and multi-purpose sports and entertainment venue, located at Melbourne & Olympic Parks, Olympic Blvd. I quite like the arena, it is not too big that one feels overwhelmed nor is it too small that one feels crowded. I had good experiences on both times that I went to the renovated Margaret Court Arena.

Proximity To Public Transport. 
10/10 it is within walking distance from the tram stop on Route 70. You can actually see the arena from the tram stop which is a good cause the last thing you want is to walk a long distance when you have a disability.
10/10 well depending on the day you go there. Eg when I went there for a Easter Sunday service the elevator was not open or maybe because I was extremely early and it was opened much later in the day. However on the Thursday night, the elevator was open. There are stairs to get into the arena but because there is an elevator, anyone with a disability can get into the arena with no problems at all.
10/10 there are disabled toilets throughout the venue. The only annoying thing is that able bodied people tend to use these and always leave them dirty.
Seating Area.
10/10 there is a seating area for wheelchairs and for people with disabilities. I usually don’t sit in these areas because in most cases they only allow one other person with you so I always choose to sit with the friends I would have gone with.
Final recommendation.
10/10 It is truly an accessible venue for people with mobility issues and I would recommend it to anyone who uses a wheelchair, crutches or walking aids.



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