Shining The Spotlight

Shining The Spotlight On Whitney.

This week the spotlight is on Miss Whitney aka @heismy_crutch.

Whitney reached out to me on my Instagram account and asked to be featured on the blog and that is how Shining the Spotlight came about. Whitney like myself was born with Spina Bifida but that has not stopped her from dreaming big and reaching for beyond the stars. She is amongst other things an author, a mentor, college student and the current Miss Wheelchair Alabama America 2017.

Who is Whitney?

Whitney is at the core just a black girl trying to make it in Alabama. Haha. I love to write, sing, paint, and I love love love children. I live for children

What was it like growing up with Spina Bifida? 

Growing up with Spina bifida for me had some high heights and some low lows. I had an aide in school until about my junior year in High School. I was a little awkward I made friends with them and adults quicker BC I felt like they were easier to articulate things to. Not to say I didn’t have any friends at all but it grown ups were easier. I overcame that after I didn’t have an aide anymore, and a little before HS because I had the same aide for elementary school to middle school. She was always with myself and two of my other childhood friends. I always challenged myself in little ways because though I had mustard seed faith I always believed I was supposed to do greater things.

What do you currently do, work or school?

I currently am a student at Calhoun Community college working toward being a Social Worker. I’m taking my time and believing God ya know? Building my brand, Mentoring and just trying to be a blessing. I chose social work because of the social worker I grew up having handle my case as a child Ms. Alisha Love at the Children’s rehab here in Huntsville. She was a great advocate for me as a child and she supported me so much. The first time I decided to minister as a youth in my church she was there. She was there for my mother. I just want to make a difference like she has in my life even if not from that angle. She is my inspiration.

What is He Is My Crutch?

He Is My Crutch started out to just be a blog where I just expressed myself or whatever but then I realized that people were actually listening and benefiting from my posts. So because of that I took a leap of faith and decided to move forward with it with help from a wonderful friend of mine named Felecia. Check her out at, so I expanded it for people to be able to tell their stories abled bodied and persons with disabilities alike to share their “Interdependent Stories” . interdependent stories are just for someone dealing with a specific thing will be like “yo, I’m not alone. ” and find strength. The stories are about everything from overcoming challenges with disability, depression, an avenue of support, finances or whatever we as a society can share to support one another as interdependents. There’s also an email list where I send updates periodically. I plan to register it as a non profit in the future and have a facility.

You are the current Ms Wheelchair Alabama America, can you tell us more about that?

I entered to compete for Ms. Wheelchair Alabama the first time when I was nineteen years old. However, you have to be 21 to compete so I had to wait so I did. I went on and I had a friend named Yvonne Milton who had competed in Florida and so I got to thinking of it again and by this time I was 22. I’m 23 as of yesterday (August 30th). You’re giving the opportunity to speak out about an issue you believe needs to be giving a spotlight in the disability community and you write a speech on it. My platform is Disability and Ability Equality. I entered because I felt like what I had to say needs to be heard even if it was coming from a mostly social place. I didn’t really expect to win but I wanted to try to be honest so when I was crowned I was wowed. I tried to hold in my tears because pictures were being taken but I Boohood. Luckily I didn’t see any ugly pictures haha. I’ve grown so much with this experience and I truly thank God for it. I’ve done a lot of volunteering as Ms. Wheelchair Alabama from reading to children who are able bodied about how its okay to have friends who are different to the Disability Rights and Resources Program in Birmingham Alabama, and to just taking time to spend with children living with disabilities. For me that’s extremely important. I’m currently working on Disaster Relief for those affected by Hurricane Harvey and in 2016 I started up a yearly conference call each Monday in September called “The Suicide Doors Conversation ” to discuss the different avenues depression and suicidal thoughts creep in and to share my and voluntary speaker’s stories. Follow my Facebook Page ” Ms. Wheelchair Alabama- America 2017 Whitney Ford ” to stay posted on that and follow me on Twitter @heismy_crutch. I’m excited about making it annual.

In addition to everything else that you do, you are a published author of Sister How Are you, can you tell us more about the book?

My book Sister, How Are you is a sign of growth for me. I’ve been a writer since I was nine years old and Lemme tell you everybody and they grandma always told me “whit , man you gotta publish. ” it is a book of poetry. Poetry is my first love when it comes to forms of writing. It’s always been my thing. I’ve written for people on the spot and I should’ve gotten paid haha. Sister, How Are You? Is geared toward all women of all sizes of all levels of physical ability of all nationality to read and reflect on our sisterhood, what we have in common and our differences and accepting it all. Loving each other and ourselves at the same time. Taking care of our mental and having faith in the Father. I would not have published had I not desperately wanted to go to nationals. I had asked for fundraising ideas and my friend Felicia I mentioned earlier was like use your I did. It is available on amazon and amazon kindle. I actually have an event coming up to promote it September 23rd called “Huntsville Writes” a fellow author here in Huntsville is putting on. I can’t stress enough the growth I’ve experienced from State to nationals. I love my coordinator Michelle Miller and my Co-cordinator Joanne Pearson are the and they have so much faith in me it is humbling. Meeting the other titleholders at nationals was indescribable even not being crowned  Ms. Wheelchair America. I’m so happy for Sheri and I know that she is going to rock it! She’s already Begun! I learned so much beyond Spina Bifida and Ms. Wheelchair Texas Kendra Willis is one of them. Whom was most of my motivation for the drive I’m doing for Hurricane Harvey. The Ms. Wheelchair Alabama pageant for this year is April 7th and I cannot wait to meet and love on my succesor. However, I ain’t done just yet haha.
Twitter @heismy_crutch
Instagram @heismy_crutch
Thank you Whitney for taking the time out to share about your life and the work that you do. I wish you the very best in all your endeavors.




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