Personal Review of Defiant Lives.

I have been missing from this space for the longest time. Gosh I feel like I have been saying that a lot this year *covers face* I guess that is the beauty of running your own blog, you post at your own will under no pressure at all. A huge thank you to all the new followers, I will be following back and reading your blogs in the next few days.

In my previous posts, I said I would write a personal review of the must watch documentary Defiant Lives based on the history and rise of disability rights in the USA, UK and Australia. To date it is still the best documentary I have watched. After watching it, I was so inspired I posted this ↓ on my social media pages.

Tonight was nothing short of amazing. For the first time in my life I went to the cinema and watched a film about people like me, disabled people!!!! Throughout the film I was in awe of the work that disability activists did in the UK, USA and here in Australia to fight for disability rights. Words cannot express how much watching Defiant Lives meant to me and more so meeting and talking to the producer Sarah Barton. This little Zimbabwean girl was without a doubt inspired and reminded that one day the fight for disability rights in Zimbabwe will be won.

In all my years of existence, I had never gone to the cinemas and watched a film that had people with disabilities. I hear people praise certain films for being “diverse” yet they do not have people with disabilities. Watching Defiant Lives was so special for me because for the first time in my life, I was represented on tv from start to finish, not just that but it was in the most positive manner.  Representation has become such an important thing to me. Seeing people with disabilities on tv has become a personal dream of mine because I want little girls and boys with disabilities to grow up seeing people like them on tv and not have to go through what we have been through in terms of lack of representation. Even though I would have loved to go with someone I knew no-one would quite understand the importance of watching the documentary hence I went by myself. It was a bit lonely I must say but once the documentary started, I forgot I attended by myself.

Defiant Lives was inspirational to say the very least. Inspirational because these disability activists literally put their lives on the line to fight for their rights and thus not only changed history and millions of lives in the process. As a black disabled woman I was deeply inspired by this film because it showed that I have to fight for my rights, fight for my place in history, fight for people with disabilities in whatever way I can because there’s no-one else who is going to do it. Yes it was not easy for the disability activists but they preserved till the end and achieved their goal. My biggest take home lesson from the film was IT CAN BE DONE!

With the producers of Defiant Lives, Liz (left) and Sarah (right).

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