10 Things Every Single Person Needs To Do.

A while ago I listened to a very old teaching on relationships by Bishop TD Jakes which truly blessed me and I wanted to share.

1. Deepen Your Relationship With God.

  • Learn to develop a deep relationship and walk with God before getting into a romantic relationship.
  • Emphasis is on a relationship with God ie you have to invest and work in the relationship.
  • Be honest with God, talk to God about everything. Do not hold back in your communication with God.
  • Allow God into every area of your life.

2. Seek To Live A Whole Life.

  • You are not a half person, you are a whole person. Another person will not fulfill you or make you whole.
  • Choose to life a whole life instead of waiting to get into a relationship.
  • Life does not begin after you get into a relationship, live a whole life today.
  • Discover what brings you fulfillment on your own.
  • God has not left you on hold to be found by a man or woman.
  • Attractiveness comes from within.

3. Develop Interests Beyond Work, Home, School and Church.

  • What else interests you apart from work, home, school and church?
  • Your interests make you interesting.
  • Broaden your life.
  • Boring attracts boring.
  • To have 20-30 year old relationships, there has to be substance in the relationship.

4. Exercise Your Body And Mind.

  • Exercise your body not just for appearance sake but for longevity too. It is the house you live in, take care of it.
  • Exercise to deal with stress.
  • Get a good night’s sleep.
  • Read widely to exercise the mind.

5. Avoid People Who Seek To Control And Silence Your Personality.

  • Avoid people who seek to control and dominate you including family and friends.
  • Such people are quick to give opinions about your life.
  • Cover your own back.

6. Respect Marriage.

  • Don’t be all up in in people’s marriages and relationships.
  • Start examining yourself when you become opinionated about other people’s marriage and relationships.
  • How do you conduct yourself around married people?
  • Don’t worship marriage, you will be disappointed if it does not live up to your expectations then you will quit.

7. Live And Budget Within Your Means.

  • Do not be controlled by money.
  • Don’t be attracted by material things, live withing your means.
  • Make intelligent financial decisions.
  • When you are in debt emotions are affected.
  • Don’t look for a financial messiah.

8. Set A Guard On Your Heart.

  • Stop getting carried away by every compliment from the opposite sex.
  • Don’t get emotionally connected to people of the opposite sex when you are not in a relationship with them.
  • Don’t be seeking something that does not exist eg a man or woman compliments you and you immediately start thinking that they like you.
  • Put value on yourself.
  • Keep and guard from heart from ghosts, people who only want to be there when it is convenient for them.

9. Manage Sexual Desires.

  • It is an acquired behaviour, do not ignite before it’s time.
  • Don’t get into situations that will cause you to sin sexually.
  • Manage your appetite, it will show up on your face.
  • Manage your sexual appetite whilst you are still single and it will not cause any trouble for you in marriage.

10. Try Not To Make Decisions That Complicate Your Life.

  • Make wise pre-planned decisions.
  • Life as a single person will be happy and stress free without complications.
  • If you make stupid decisions now, they can complicate your life later on.

The teaching is very long and those are just some of the points. Below is the full teaching.
















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