The Most Important Thing To Watch In 2017.

Listen the most important thing to watch this year isn’t a superhero movie or a romcom or any other big Hollywood movie. The most important thing to watch in 2017 is the documentary Defiant Lives. What is Defiant Lives all about you ask?

Well Defiant Lives is a documentary about the disability rights movement. I feel like this documentary could not have come at a better time considering all that is happening in the developed world regarding disability rights particularly here in Australia, the UK and the USA. It is time, it really is time that disability rights took centre stage alongside all other movements. For far too long disability rights have been ignored, well I am glad not this time.

A massive out out to Sarah Barton to making this documentary.

I am so excited to be watching this documentary tomorrow night in Melbourne and I will of course post a review of it. If you are in Australia, you can check when the documentary is in your city and purchase tickets at Demand Film.

You can watch the trailer below.


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