Accesibility Reviews

The Left Bank Accessibility Review.

Last weekend we went out to The Left Bank restaurant located at 1 Southbank Blvd in Southbank for a birthday celebration and oh my I was so disappointed by how inaccessible this restaurant is.

I was running a little late because I got lost but luckily I bumped into a friend and ended up walking together to the restaurant. We arrived about 15 minutes late to discover that there had been a mix up and our table had been cancelled. We were then asked to either wait in the bar inside or the outside area. We decided to wait outside. This outside area had high tables and stools with no supporting back so I opted to stand for the 45 minutes we waited for a table. Eventually we were told the table was ready for us and ushered to our seating area.

The Left Bank restaurant has several seating areas, the bar, the outside bar, outdoors seating areas then different sections inside. We were directed to our table located in the other outside seating area and I immediately noticed just how small the space was. There’s no way anyone on a wheelchair can sit there. Thankfully the chairs were very comfortable throughout the night.

Halfway throughout the night I went to the toilet to check it out. I noticed inside the restaurant that there were several different sections, some booths, some small tables and some larger ones. There were two steps leading to the bathroom. The toilet door was quite heavy to pull but I was very impressed by how clean the toilet was so I guess that was a good place thing right.

Proximity to public transport.

10/10 The Left Bank is located 340m from tram stop 3 on route 75 and a 9 minute walk from Flinders street station.


0/10 There is three steps to get into the restaurant and there was no wheelchair ramp.


5/10 Even though there was two steps to get into the toilet, the toilet was very clean.

Seating Area.

3/10 There were different seating options but none of them were easily accessible for anyone on a wheelchair or with a guide dog.

Final recommendation : I would not recommend The Left Bank to anyone with a disability because of its inaccessibility which is such a pity though because it had a good vibe to it, oh well !

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