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Time Out Cafe Review.

Time Out Cafe located at Federation Square in the city has become my favourite restaurant in the city. I was a bit skeptical when two friends suggested we meet up there last year. For some strange reason I have always snubbed restaurants at Fed Square and opted for Degraves Street instead (true Melbournian foodie) lol.

When one of my friends suggested we have lunch there last year, I didn’t think much of the place. It is only now that I have started these accessibility reviews I realise just how AMAZING this restaurant is. Besides the delicious food they serve there, it is the most accessible restaurant I have come across in Melbourne thus far.

The first thing I noticed is that it has two seating areas indoors and outdoors. The outdoors seating area has two  sections, one where is normal chairs and tables and that is located right outside the restaurant. The other outdoors seating area has elevated chairs and tables and is located in the court yard more like in the open area. As I walked into the restaurant, I also noticed the indoors seating area was divided into two sections, booths and separate tables.

I proceeded to walk right to the booths at the back because the restaurant was busy with Christmas lunches. We were all running late that day and after a few minutes of waiting and realising my friends wouldn’t find me where I was, I decided to walk to the door. Whilst I am walking to the door, one of my friends calls my name. She uses a wheelchair for her mobility and I loved that she was able to find a suitable table in the restaurant for her wheelchair. We chose a table for four. Initially I thought the space was too small but to my surprise we could all fit including the wheelchair with no problems at all.

There is a ramp leading to the back door which leads to the toilets. This is good because people who use wheelchairs do not have to go outside to have access to the toilets.

Proximity to public transport.

10/10 Time Out Cafe is located right opposite Flinders Street Station (the main train station in the city).


10/10 You can enter the restaurant either through the ramp or the stairs.


10/10 Although the restaurant itself does not have any toilets of its own, the ramp inside the restaurant lead to the public toilets at Federation Square where there is a disabled toilet which was very clean. The toilets are cleaned throughout the day so that is a plus.

Seating Area.

10/10 There is ample space for any person with a disability whether you use walking aids, a wheelchair or a guide dog.

Final recommendation : I cannot recommend this restaurant enough!!!! It is any person with disabilities’ dream. I absolutely LOVED it. If you have a disability, this is a perfect hang out spot. Plus the food is delicious.

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