You Are The One.

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You Are The One is the 2017 theme at church.

I was so blown away last month as I watched the Vision Sunday message by Pastor Brian. He shared a verse that is very similar to the one I declared over my life for this year.

Psalm 80:17

Let Your hand be upon the man of Your right hand,
Upon the son of man whom You made strong for Yourself.

You are not disqualified from being the one even after failing or making mistakes.

God’s Hand Is Upon You.

When you know that God’s hand is upon you then everything changes.

God Has Positioned You.

His right hand signifies a place of strength, God has positioned you for strength.

God Has Chosen You As You Are.

Flawed as you are, God has chosen you.

God Has Empowered You To Overcome.

God has empowered you to overcome because you are the one.

4 Confessions For 2017

  1. I am the one because God’s hand rests on me.
  2. I am the one positioned by God for maximum influence.
  3. I am the one carrying the glory of God.
  4. I am the one full of the power of the Spirit of God.

Walk in 2017 knowing that you are the one God has chosen for such a time as this.


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