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Mr. Nice Guy Restaurant Review.

It was my birthday last month and my friends took me out to celebrate at Mr Nice Guy, a Thai restaurant located at 10 Healeys Lane, Melbourne VIC 3000.

I was initially hesitant about this restaurant because I am not familiar with that part of Melbourne CBD and what made it worse is the fact that I was not allowed to be late. I took the train into the city from Box Hill train station and got off at Flagstaff train station. From there it was a short walk from Flagstaff literally turned right then left and I had arrived.

The first thing I noticed when I arrived was how small the restaurant is. Luckily a friend and I were the first to arrive so I managed to choose where I wanted to sit. I opted for a chair on the wall side of our booked table. I sat down and noticed how uncomfortable the wooden chairs were. As a consolation there was however a cushion but that did not help at all. I excused myself to go to the toilet and because the restaurant is small, I left my crutches under the table. There is a step to get into the toilet. I noticed there was no disabled toilet only one toilet for all customers. What a bummer I thought. Anyway I walked into the toilet and I was so pleased to see how clean the toilet was.

Despite the uncomfortable chair, I did have a great time with my friends and the food, oh my gosh it was so yuuuuum. However in terms of accessibility for disabled people especially those who use wheelchairs I would not recommend this restaurant. Reason being it is located in a very old building so there is not much the restaurant owners can do to improve accessibility for people with disabilities. Below is my accessibility ratings.

Proximity to public transport.


The restaurant is a mere 250m from Flagstaff station so if you struggle with walking long distances, this restaurant is a great option.



There is a small step to enter into the restaurant and there is also another step to go to the seating area. If you are on a wheelchair, this restaurant is not wheelchair user friendly.



The toilet was very clean.

Seating area.


The wooden chairs were uncomfortable for me despite there being a cushion. Also I struggled to find a place to put my crutches as it felt a bit squashed.

Final recommendation : If you are on a wheelchair or use a guide dog, this restaurant will not be suitable for you as it is small. If Uber Eats is an option for you then definitely order from this restaurant. For anyone else with a disability, I would 100% recommend the restaurant despite its small size.


2 thoughts on “Mr. Nice Guy Restaurant Review.”

    1. Because like I explained the toilet was clean so even though there was a step to get into the toilet, one can easily hold onto the walls for support. However if the toilet is dirty how can one use it?


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