I Am Back !

Hello there blogging world guess who is back? Insert happy dance here.

I had taken a few months off the blog because you know absence makes the heart grow fonder right? Well and also to  restrategize. Towards the end of last year, I felt like I was repeating myself a lot on the blog and as a result I lost my passion for blogging. I changed the appearance of the blog and I am loving the new look.

It is true that sometimes you have to take time off to rethink things and I am glad I did. During the time I was away from the blog, I had a good think about the direction I would like to take the blog this year, although the picture is not yet clear, I hope to do things a little differently this year.

Four things come to mind

  • Inviting people to guest blog. If you are interested, drop me a message on the contact me section and we will make it happen.
  • Doing features.
  • Accessibility Reviews.-thanks to a great suggestion from one of my friends, I will be posting reviews of places I visit in Melbourne.
  • Creating an Instagram account for the blog. (I am still thinking about this one, stay tuned).

At this point I would like to thank everyone who left comments and followed my blog the time I was away from WordPress. I will be following back and reading your blogs in the coming days.

It’s never too late to say Happy New Year right? Well here’s wishing you a super awesome 2017, chase after your dreams like never before !

Colleen ❤


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