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My First TV Interview.

Mama I was on tv talking about my blog. 🙂




On the 27th of August 2016, I met Dorcas Utkovic of Oz African TV at a media workshop hosted by a local organisation in the city of Melbourne. After the workshop Dorcas came up to me and said “I want you on the show on the media episode.” We then exchanged contact details but even in that moment I was puzzled as to why she wanted me on her tv show. Anyway a few days later, she called me and we had a brief chat about the show and the media episode she wanted to shoot. I explained to her that I did not understand how I would fit into the episode then she explained her vision for the episode. It made sense and we set a date to shoot the tv interview. September 16 was the day we recorded the interview.

Recording the interview was so exciting, oh gosh I was so nervous. I remember literally shaking at the start of the interview and hoping that it would not show on camera. Much to my surprise the recording went really went and I did not make any mistakes at all. I guess I was made for the camera LOL. The tv interview was about my blog. Anyway the episode on a local channel here in Melbourne on the 6th of November. Below is the link to the tv interview where I was talking about my blog.




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