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Award Winning Blogger.

The Zimbabwe International Women’s Awards took place on the 29th of October in Leicester, England in which I was nominated for the Blogger of the Year award. Whilst I did not get the award, I feel so honoured to have been nominated for such a prestigious award. This is the first official recognition I have received for the blog so it was quite a huge deal for me to be listed as a finalist. Not only was it such a great honour to be nominated, I am forever grateful to the ZIWA team for the nomination because of this, I was granted two major opportunities. One of which was the BBC radio interview. The BBC journalist who found my blog and went through my Twitter timeline said that one of the first things he noticed is that I had been nominated for blogger of the year. If I hadn’t been nominated for that award, who knows maybe I never would been asked to be a guest on that BBC radio programme that Thursday night. I will talk about the second opportunity in next week’s blog post because that requires its own blog post.

Onto other news. On the same day on the 29th of October 2016, the AfroShine Australia Awards founded by Africa Media Australia took place here in Melbourne. I was also nominated for an award in these awards. Talk about double portion.

Early in September I received an email from the AMA team informing me that I had been nominated for an award. I was honestly shocked. I was not expecting it. I could not figure out how I could have possibly been nominated in these awards. I was basing this on the work of previous winners and I looked at myself and asked so what exactly have I done to deserve this nomination? Anyway I then replied the email and accepted the nomination. A few weeks later, I was interviewed by one of the team members to know more about me and the blog. I won’t lie after that interview, I said to myself there is absolutely no way I am being listed as a finalist but much to my surprise I received an email informing me that I had indeed been listed as a finalist to attend the awards. I really wanted to attend the awards but unfortunately I was unable to. Nonetheless one of my good friends who was also nominated attended the awards and said it was amazing.

On the night of the awards, I was sitting on my bed watching Chicago PD and literally bored out of my mind. Next thing I receive a text message from my friend saying I had won an award and she had accepted the award on my behalf. She also sent a picture of the award. I literally screamed!!!! I was shaking. My mind could not process what I was reading and seeing. It took me a good five minutes to calm down and respond to her. I thanked her profusely for accepting the award on my behalf. I ended up sleeping at 3am because I was so excited informing my family and friends. Their overwhelming support reduced me to tears.

My AfroShine Australia Award for Excellence In Community (Disability) Advocacy.

I will write a separate blog post about what this award means to me.

Words are not enough to express my gratitude to the AMA team for awarding me this prestigious award. It is never just blogging. As I always say blog about what you are passionate about, you never know who may come across your blog.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank every single person who reads this blog. Your support means the world to me and I am truly blessed that you would take the time out of your busy day to read my blog, I will forever be grateful for that. For everyone who voted for me in the ZIWA from the bottom of my heart, thank you!

I guess I am now an award winning blogger.


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  1. Congratulations Coleen, you deserve each and every one of these nomination and you deserve Afro Sunshine Australian awards, you are an amazing soul.

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