Jesus Overcame The World, Take Heart!

John 16:33

“I have told you these things, so that in Me you may have peace. In this world you will have trouble. But take heart! I have overcome the world.”

Last week Wednesday I woke up with the song Take Heart by Hillsong United on my mind.  As I listened to the bridge on the song that speaks of how Jesus overcame anything I could face, I looked the scripture that this song was taken from.

In John 16 Jesus is talking to His disciples about how He was going to go away. At the start of the chapter He is speaking of how if He does not go then the Advocate the Holy Spirit could not come. The disciples are then filled with sorrow at the thought of being separated from their Messiah but then in verse 33 He reassures them that He has overcome the world.

At first glance, verse 33 maybe difficult to comprehend and accept. Jesus knew that there would be trouble in the world so why allow this trouble to happen? It can be so easy to dwell on just that part and miss everything else Jesus said. Isn’t it the same with our lives that we can focus on the trouble around us, focus on what we do not have, focus on our problems instead of focusing on Jesus?

3 things stood out for me in this verse; there will be trouble, take heart and Jesus overcame the world. 

There Will Be Trouble.

Life is not easy, no-one ever said it will be. Even Jesus Himself said there will be trouble in the world. Life is not always smooth sailing, there will be moments and seasons of turbulence. There will be battles to fight and Goliaths to defeat. This is so encouraging to me because it reminds that there is indeed nothing new under the sun (Ecclesiastes 1:9), there is nothing surprising about the battles that I face because Jesus already knows about them.

Take Heart.

To take heart means to become confident or courageous during a difficult situation. Jesus knew that His departure would cause the disciples sorrow but He instructed them to take heart. Jesus knew that the battles that I face and the turbulent seasons that I would go through would wear me down and cause me sorrow; and that is why He instructed me to be confident, He instructed me to be courageous during all these crazy storms. Why because…

Jesus Overcame The World.

Jesus overcame the world. There is no trouble in this world that can defeat me. There is no storm that I go through that will crush me. There is no Red sea that stands in my way that will submerge me. There is no Goliath that will defeat me. Jesus overcame the world that right there is enough reason to celebrate.

Take heart child of the Most High God, Jesus overcame the world for you.

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