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When I Was A Guest On A BBC Radio Programme.

One of the craziest things happened on the night of Thursday the 9th of September.  I was a guest on a BBC radio programme!!!!!

It was around 1143pm, here I was just minding my own business chatting to one of my friends on Skype then next thing someone from the BBC tweets me saying that they were doing a programme on disability in Africa and asked if I was free to talk to them. I was obviously stunned like BB who, programme what???

screenshot_2016-09-09-08-07-23-1Anyway I DM (direct messaged/inboxed) the person so I could hear more about the programme. He says “we are looking for an insight into what it is like for people with disabilities living in various African countries, after Paralympian George Wyndham said society thinks disabled people are “no longer important and like the devil”. I then asked how he found me and he explained that it was through a combination of search words that led him to my blog. He read my blog, loved it. He went on to say he noticed I have been nominated for ZIWA Blogger of the Year Award and thought I would be perfect for the programme. I then requested a phone call as I had specific questions about what it is they wanted to bring across and highlight in the programme. I liked what I heard and agreed to be the programme. The programme was live at 5pm UK time. There were other guests from Sierra Leone and Somalia sharing their experiences of being disabled in Africa.


The interview was great though I would have changed a few things. The downside was that it was at 2am for me so I think I was not able to fully articulate my points well as I was sleepy and exhausted. I felt there were too many guests for just a 30 minute segment which meant that some guests received more talk time than others which was a shame because I believe there was so much that could have been said by the other guests myself included. I am however still very grateful that I was chosen to be part of this radio programme especially for a topic that is very close to my heart.

You can listen to the interview here. The episode will be removed after 30 days I think.

Blog about what you are passionate about, you just never know who will come across your blog or what opportunities may arise from your blogging.


6 thoughts on “When I Was A Guest On A BBC Radio Programme.”

  1. wow this is wonderful Coleen, it was really great to hear your voice and i think that it is also great that such issues are being brought to the fore front, we cannot just celebrate people when they are winning medals

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    1. Thank you so much for listening. Yes that is so true and I wish the interview could have been longer so that we could have all gone in depth with our responses; however it is still great that they did the show.

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