(Para)Olympics we are still far from Inclusion

“Until the day that the Para Olympics is mainstreamed into the real Olympics the full inclusion of people with disabilities into society will remain a pipe dream!” Couldn’t have said it any better!!!



As long as Para Olympics exist the world would not have fully included people with disabilities in the mainstream society. Let’s unpack this event from my point of view.

Initially I think the Para Olympics were designed to include people with disabilities into the Olympics as they were previously totally excluded which to me was a very good idea, (at the time). However as time passed I feel that this event is now loosing it’s relevance.

Inclusive Education :


When I was growing up it was virtually unheard of for a child with a disability to attend school with able bodied children. So many of my generation of people with disabilities passed through special school at some point in their education. Don’t get me wrong here special schools gave many of us including myself a basic educational and social foundation which I think contributed to my personal success today. However…

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4 thoughts on “(Para)Olympics we are still far from Inclusion”

  1. I agree and this does nothing in terms of teaching our children regarding inclusion.There is not even enough advertisement of the event,it is as if they treat the even as an after thought.Mindsets need to shift!

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    1. Yes the Paraolympics do not get much coverage as the Olympics and I wonder why in 2016 these events still need to be separated. Why can’t both events happen under one? I really do not understand this.

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