No-One To Relate To.

I haven’t blogged for more than a month now. So much has been happening. If I said life was hectic at the moment would be a gross understatement. I know everyone hates adulting but one thing I know without a shadow of doubt is this…I wish someone had warned me about adulting whilst disabled. Being an adult is generally tough but now try imagine adulting whilst disabled.

The older I get the more I realise there’s hardly any silver lining when you’re disabled, life simply gets harder. And this is not me being pessimistic, no this is reality. Reality of having to deal with societal barriers that make life difficult. Societal barriers that are created by an ableist society designed to keep you out and ensure you’re never considered at all. But somehow you’re expected to navigate your way around these barriers & not speak out lest you’re labelled as having a victim mentality. Worst of all there’s no-one you can talk to who might even slightly understand because you are surrounded by able bodied people.


How can anyone understand the agony of your own body betraying you, one day you are able to do something the next you can’t? No warning nothing. You deal with all these changes on your own. Yes I do have amazing friends I can talk to but truth of the matter is none of them can possibly understand just how hard being disabled is and it becomes increasingly frustrating trying to talk to someone who doesn’t understand what you are saying. For example the other week I desperately needed to do grocery shopping. So I went to the shops as I always do. I needed a lot of things cause I was close to empty cupboards at this point and so I bought everything I needed BUT it was all too heavy for my legs and back. That short walk from the bus stop to my house…eish I suffered and as result I really strained my back and legs. The following days after this were real. I could barely stand and experienced discomfort walking. I was supposed to go for my connect group meeting but I didn’t cause my legs hurt. A friend asked why I wasn’t present that night I told them why and all they said was “oh ok.” See where do I even begin to get someone else to understand this life my life with a disability? I can’t, I just can’t!






6 thoughts on “No-One To Relate To.”

  1. Wow. The whole concept of my own blog is centered around “adulting”. I have to admit that I have never even considered how navigating your way through adulthood could be with a disability. Your blogs are so important in educating people, like myself, who aren’t aware or don’t consider it. Thank you so much for writing this because it really helped me to understand that “adulting” isn’t as generic as I thought.

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    1. Hi Tamelisa, thank you so much for reading and following my blog. I’ll be heading over to read yours…Yep adulting is not as generic as we think it is. It’s easy for able bodied people to have somewhat “similar” experiences but it’s a completely different ball game for us people with disabilities.

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  2. Thanks Colleen for your blog. I can totally relate to your experiences. Very few people truly know how hard adulating is when you have a disability. I hope your life eases up a bit soon and you are able to do the things you love, like blogging


  3. And then you wonder why someone even asked why you didn’t show up after they reply with an “Oh Okay.” I will never understand human beings, so why in the world were they asking?!!
    I really wish people could be more sensitive otherwise they shouldn’t be asking at all. The way I am getting all worked up here and forgetting that this blog post is about your adulting dilemma. (I know I need help)

    On the issue of what you are currently going through, I know I won’t be able to understand what you are feeling but I will tell you this. It’s a good thing that you speak out about it so that the world knows that the next time someone wants to complain about something petty, someone else is going through something bigger and they have no way of changing it. This has actually made me rethink a few things like the next time I see someone having a hard time with something I can help with, e.g someone trying to carry their bucket fulls of laundry to the laundry line downstairs, I will offer a helping hand. 🙂

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  4. Can you believe I am only seeing your comment now? Kutonyara chaiko sha! Haha look at you getting all worked up, aiwa keep calm amai…lol but yeah I am all good now and glad that stress is over. Thank you hun, mazirudo!


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