I’ve Noticed Something Cool.

For the past few weeks I have noticed something at the church that I attend. Whenever I arrive for the 5pm service the hosts or ushers quickly usher me to a certain section in the auditorium. At first I didn’t pay attention to it till one day I saw a “TLC” sticker on one of the seats then it clicked.

I now have reserved seats at church (insert happy dance here). Ok it might not seem like a big deal to anyone but to me it is EVERYTHING. It says that the church cares about people with disabilities. Well I already knew this from like 3 years ago when I attended the main church conference but to see it happen at my own campus has truly blessed my heart.

Although this is not the actual campus that I attend, this is the Pretoria campus but I wanted you to see the Welcome Home sign.
Although this is not the actual campus that I attend, this is the Pretoria campus but I wanted you to see the Welcome Home sign.

Each Sunday before you walk into the building you are met with this huge sign saying WELCOME HOME. Now when I see that welcome home sign and walk into the auditorium to my reserved seats, it really does make me feel like I am at home.  This makes me happy to know that someone noticed that I don’t always get a good seat in church and decided to reserve seats for me every Sunday.

Allow me to share why this is very significant. Out of all the churches I have been a member of, this is the first church that has priority seating for special needs people. In fact in some churches I have been a member of, I would have to fight with the hosts/ushers just to get a good seat. One specific incident comes to mind that happened in my home church in Zimbabwe. It was back in 2006 or was it 2011 now I honestly can’t remember what year it was. Anyway I arrived  early for the 930am Sunday service but not early enough to be in the front of the queue. So there I was caught up in the stampede when the doors opened and trying to push through the crowd with my small self proved too difficult so I gave up and waited for everyone to get in. I eventually managed to get into the auditorium and asked an usher to look for a seat for me and he blatantly told me there were no empty seats. I didn’t argue and left him alone then proceeded to find a corner where I sat on the floor. A few minutes later an elder in the church sees me sitting on the floor and asked why. To cut a long story short that very same usher who had initially refused to look for a seat for me was instructed to either give up his seat or look for a seat for me. To my surprise he miraculously found a free seat for me. And this is just one of many many similar incidents.

I’m just happy I am now in a church that priorities people with disabilities. It makes feel wanted and included.

Are you a Christian? Do you attend a church? I’m going to challenge you now. Next time you are at church observe if your church has any reserved seating for people with disabilities. Why am I challenging you? Because the theme for the International Day of People with Disabilities 2015 was Inclusion meaning this whole year the focus is on finding ways to include people with disabilities. If you take on this challenge, please let me know what you find.

“Disability can happen to anyone. Inclusion starts with you. Choose to be part of the solution, choose to be inclusive.”-@colleenchifamba (2015).


10 thoughts on “I’ve Noticed Something Cool.”

  1. I’m a Catholic. Almost every Catholic church here in the United State have a ramp for disabilities. People using wheel chairs like me can go in and out freely. As you know wheelchair needs more room. You don’t have to fight for parking in the church. Any where you choose will be fine as long as you are blocking the traffic. If you did no one will say any thing though, but you would feel bad yourself, won’t you!
    I feel at home in any Catholic church.
    One thing I don’t understand– why do people have to FIGHT for the seat in church?!

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  2. Most churches in America, especially here in Alabama(businesses’ too) at least are required to have ramps, parking, and seating for those with disabilities. We even help the elderly get out at the door of the churches here if someone drives them up to the door.
    I’ve never known anyone to fight over seating or parking spaces here. Oh well! I always sit in the front pew, because no one likes to be up front and I love my space. 🙂
    I am glad you feel so special in the house of the Lord, dear child. The working of the Holy Spirit is all I can say. Yeah!

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  3. My church really does not have reserved sitting for people with disabilities maybe it is because we are such a small community. But I have seen on a number of occasions people with disabilities, the elderly and guests being given priority to sitting and participation in activities. I am glad you feel at home when you are at church. Much love

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  4. This is so awesome! More churches and other buildings need to understand the importance of accommodating people with disabilities ! I rally as a mother of a son with one. Progress has been made but so much more needed:-)

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