The Adventure Has Begun

A little late to the party but HAPPY NEW YEAR everyone. I sincerely hope you had a wonderful Christmas holiday.

On the 1st of January I saw a picture on Instagram that said “And so the adventure begins” and that really spoke to me, in fact it got me really excited just thinking about the adventure that is 2016. What got me even more excited was afterwards I listened to Oceans(Where Feet May Fail) by Hillsong United and that got me really pumped for 2016.

The start of the year is always an exciting time, you are full of hope for the new year, you are dreaming again, you are writing down your goals, you are planning, you are envisioning all the things you’re going to do that year. Then the month of February comes and you begin to lose momentum and at this point a lot of people settle, they make up their minds what kind of a year it will be. I admit I am a huge culprit of this, by February I would have already given up on my goals and concluded what kind of the year it will and just settle for whatever the year brings me.

But I decided 2016 will be different….

ADventreI decided I am going to step out into the great unknown even where my feet may fail.

I decided my faith is going to stand in deep oceans.

I decided I will call upon the name of Jesus at all times.

I decided I am going to keep my eyes on Christ and above the waves when the storms of life rage.

I decided I will rest my soul in Christ’ embrace.

I decided Christ’ sovereign hand will be my guide whenever fear surrounds me.

I decided my trust in God will have no borders.

I decided I will walk upon the waters wherever the Holy Spirit leads me.

I don’t know what 2016 has in store for me BUT I know WHO holds 2016.


Whatever happens this year, enjoy the adventure that is 2016, embrace all that God has for you this year, pursue your purpose but most importantly ALWAYS TRUST AND PUT GOD FIRST!







4 thoughts on “The Adventure Has Begun”

    1. Thank you for reading. I cannot get enough of this song. One of the most amazing moments of my life was hearing Taya Smith the girl who sings on this song sing the song live. It was a beautiful worship moment.

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