Character And Purpose-The Last Quarter.

At the start of October I saw a tweet that said something along the lines “the last quarter of 2015, let’s make it great.” I was so annoyed at this tweet because up until this point I had completely written off the year and I was just waiting for 2015 to end. Boy oh boy was I wrong about writing off the year. At the time I was in a REALLY bad space. I was so angry at life and at God. I had lost myself to be honest. HOWEVER God healed my heart. God healed my soul. God healed my mind hence why I am here writing this.

I cannot even begin to describe just how amazing this last quarter of 2015 was. Honestly my 2015 can be summed up in the months of October, November and December. So many things happened in those three months, some good some not so good. Of the many many good things that happened, I have lots of pictures to serve as a reminder of this time. I am truly grateful to God that I had people to share those moments with.

Like I said not all the things that happened in the last quarter were good. I won’t label them as bad but rather challenging situations. These situations tested every bit of my patience, tolerance, love and forgiveness. Many of the times I felt I had been done wrong and it was within my right as an individual to retaliate but we all know that’s not how things work with God. Yes I was angry but anger only hurt me. I had resolved the best way to deal with these situations was simply to walk away but again that would not have accomplished anything either. Whilst I was still stuck in my victim mentality, I decided to study the life of Joseph in the book of Genesis and I am so GLAD I did because the way the Holy Spirit convicted me in every chapter was all too real to such a point I constantly asked myself if it was even worth it hanging onto the anger. At this point I could not find any reasons that could possibly justify me hanging onto the anger.

When you are facing a challenging situation bury yourself in the word of God. All the answers you need lie in there.


Joseph has always been one of my favourites in the bible and studying his life gave me a fresh perspective on character and purpose. Three things that constantly stood out for me particularly out of Genesis 50 were

  • How you treat those that have wronged you says a lot about your character.
  • Forgiveness and purpose go hand in hand.
  • You cannot function well in your purpose if you don’t know how to forgive those that have wronged you.


I am generally a non-confrontational person. I hate confrontations at all costs, I would rather just deal with situations quietly on my own however during this time I wanted in fact I was ready to go all out confrontational in these situations. I am so glad the Holy Spirit convicted me before I did something I would have later regretted. Joseph was consistent in his dealings with his brothers. At no point did he show anger nor confront his brothers for what they did to him. Sometimes when you are angry or going through a rough patch you may want to act out of character but guess what it’s not worth it. Rather just stay put and let the season pass. Acting out of character can close doors for you because it may have devastating consequences. Imagine if Joseph had confronted his brothers who knows what would have happened. Life lesson for me here was never act out of character because your character is your reputation.

Never act out of character, your character is your reputation. Acting out of character can close doors for you because it may have devastating consequences.


Purpose is a dominant theme in the life of Joseph. Every single thing that happened to him from his dreams, the coat of many colours, being sold to Potiphar, being thrown into prison, interrupting the baker and cup bearer’s dreams to interpreting Pharaoah’s dreams all pushed him into his purpose. At first glance it seemed like the situations happening in Joseph’s life were disconnected but they were all connected to his purpose. In the same way, God used the challenging situations to push me into my purpose. At the time it was not fun and games but looking back it, I see how all the situations were somehow connected and propelled me into my purpose like never before. There is something about challenging situations that pushes you into your purpose because these situations filter out what needs to go so that you can concentrate on your purpose.

There is something about challenging situations that pushes you into your purpose because these situations filter out what needs to go so that you can concentrate on your purpose.

2015 may not have turned out the way I had hoped it would but I am grateful for the life lessons it brought particularly on character and purpose. I am a better person for having survived the tests. With God we can go through any challenging situations and come out better people.


6 thoughts on “Character And Purpose-The Last Quarter.”

      1. It was a quiet one. Sore throats, coughs and colds what not..but we had a great weekend with ana tete and mukwasha. Hope it was awesome for you too.

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    1. Aww I am so glad to hear that. All glory to Jesus for these revelations. We certainly overcome by the blood of the lamb and word of our testimony. I love you too sis and blessings for 2016. ❤ ❤

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