Of Fashion Show Weekend Rehearsals.

Tomorrow 21/11 I will be in a fashion show. To say I am excited is a lie, I am beyond excited in fact the excitement is next level. How did this one come about you may ask? The same designer friend who I previously modeled for asked me to be in this show tomorrow. At first I wasn’t excited, I said “OK sure” without thinking much about it till we had rehearsals last weekend. Oh boy did it then sink in I was really doing this like I am really walking the runway tomorrow.

We had rehearsals over three days, Friday night, Saturday afternoon and Sunday afternoon. I arrived at the venue with the organiser of the event so transport wise I was sorted, that was really the easy part. We arrived at the venue on Friday evening and there was one other model. As the organiser of the event who is also directing the runway was talking to the other model about how the runway will be set up, I was busy on my phone completely oblivious to what was happening. Next thing the organiser asks me why I was sitting down as if I was not a model so then I got up and started checking out the runway. Eventually other models came and we started practising. The most difficult part for me on the first day of rehearsals was getting my walk correct.  I looked at the other models and said to myself I don’t fit in here and questioned what I was doing there. We did our individual walks on the runway and when I had finished mine, the organiser laughed in a good way and asked why I was rushing on the runway as if I was being chased by someone and told me to take my time. So I did the walk again and eventually I mastered the right walk. Ok one hurdle done.

Next hurdle was the 10 step walk we are doing where all models walk on the runway at the same time. I just could not get it at first. I was confused as to how to count the steps since I use crutches and the other models do not so I kept messing up really badly. At some point I was so discouraged and asked the organiser not to be included in the 10 step walk and guess what he says to me “are you not a model? You will do it like everybody else.” Boy that was not the answer I was looking for. I just really wanted to pull out of the whole thing but obviously I couldn’t in fact I was not allowed to pull out.

What was going on in my head at this moment? Feelings of low self esteem. I looked at the other models and concluded that I was not good enough. I would mess up the walk. Funny thing is that there are no professional models amongst us at all so there was no reason for me to feel that way. However because the organiser believed in me and did not allow me to pull out of the show, I gained my confidence back such that when Saturday and Sunday came, I was confidently walking the runway with the other models. In fact by end of the Sunday rehearsal we were all smiles and very excited for the show.

Now as I sit here thinking this time tomorrow I will be slaying on the runway I can’t help but smile and think WOW.



Tambai Festival

Date :: 21 November 2015

Venue :: Springers Leisure Centre , 400 Cheltenham Rd, Keysborough VIC 3173

Time :: 12. till 10pm

>>>>>>Free Entry <<<<<<<<<


With the team after the Friday night rehearsal.
With the team after the Friday night rehearsal.




2 thoughts on “Of Fashion Show Weekend Rehearsals.”

  1. Wow! Another modeling opportunity! I remember your original post where you said you were watching the other models when you first attended a fashion show thinking that could never be you. Look at God!!!

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    1. Thank you so much Maya, I truly appreciate your support. Imagine this, there’s another show this weekend and another one next weekend. This God man, continues to do exceedingly above and beyond what we think or imagine. Thank you so much for reading. Much love ❤

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