Please Don’t Think For Me.

Last week I had two incidents on the bus that made me laugh for the same reason.

On Monday afternoon I was shocked as the bus driver kept driving past the bus stop after I had rang the bell. I then yelled out “excuse me, I rang the bell.” Then he yells “There’s a lot of grass so I am moving. I can see you are disabled” to which I replied “I can get off without any problems” then he stopped the bus. He “thought” for me when I had not asked him to do so. He saw my disability and said no way she can get off at the bus stop let me stop a little further up the road. Whilst it was a good gesture and a very sincere one at that, the bus driver did not consult me in his discuss making process which then resulted in me walking further than I should have had he just stopped at the bus stop.

Incident Two

On Wednesday afternoon as I was getting off the bus, the bus driver kept insisting that he drop me off a little further up the road because he did not think I could manage to get off at that stop. Again it was a good sincere gesture but he did not need to think for me.

KxVMEjyoIf there’s one thing I would like these two bus drivers to know and society at large is PLEASE DON’T THINK FOR ME. I have a brain and I know how to use it. I know at times you mean well when you “think” for me, when you “think” you know what I need to do but in all honesty you don’t, you never have and never will. You see me walking using my crutches and you pity me for whatever reason and automatically think no she cannot possibly have a mind of her own so let me think for her and tell her what she needs to do.

NO PLEASE STOP IT. It is very ANNOYING when people who don’t know you, have no clue about your disability think they know what you need to do. The constant “are you ok, do you need any help, oh be careful” questions are so annoying to say the very least. How do you think I manage without you?

Yes people with disabilities may encounter challenges but please don’t assume that gives you the right to think for us. I may have a disability but I am very capable of thinking for myself.


6 thoughts on “Please Don’t Think For Me.”

  1. ….that’s what it’s paved with, the road to hell, good intentions.
    People do mean well, but I guess a lil restraint in carrying out unilateral well intentioned gestures for someone’s own good, yes?

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