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Last night I was a guest blogger on Afrobloggers, a Twitter account for African bloggers by African bloggers. Throughout the night, I talked about my blog, my blogging journey and shared a few blogging tips which I decided to share here for anyone who might be interested.  These blogging tips are based on my experience and it’s ok if you disagree with some of the posts.

  1. Use a simple layout. It makes it easy for the reader to navigate your site.
  2. Be yourself when you blog. Don’t try to impress anyone. The right audience will understand you.
  3. Be in control of your blog. Don’t let anyone tell you what to do with your blog.
  4. You say you are a terrible writer but child just WRITE. You will get better with time.
  5. If someone inspires you to write something, let them know. You never know how it may encourage them too.
  6. Readers appreciate authenticity so write from the heart.
  7. Not everyone is going to agree with what you post but keep writing anyway.
  8. When you have writer’s block, it may be a good time to ask someone to be a guest blogger on your blog.
  9. Pictures are a great way to attract readers to your blog posts.
  10. Quotes are a great way to highlight the message of your posts.
  11. You are not writing a thesis, keep your posts short. It is easier for the reader to follow. You want your reader to come back.
  12. Be consistent in your blogging. Readers love consistency.
  13. Use hashtags when you post. It makes it easier for other bloggers to find your blog who are blogging about similar things.
  14. If your blog is about a specific area then stick to that. Don’t confuse the reader.
  15. Your blog should be clear what it is about. Your reader should not have to guess. Spell it out for the reader.
  16. Blog about what you are passionate about. You never know who may read your blog.
  17. Know who your audience is otherwise you can get frustrated wondering why people don’t read or share your blog posts.
  18. If a reader leaves a comment on your blog, the very least you can do is reply saying thank you for reading.
  19. If another blogger reblogs your work, thank them. They are advertising your blog so show your gratitude.
  20. If a fellow blogger comments on your blog, the least you can do is thank them for reading your blog.
  21. If a fellow blogger follows, reads and comments on your blog, please do the same for them.



11 thoughts on “My Blogging Tips”

  1. how was guest blogging on twitter.. (the 140 character limit is a bit of struggle, yes?)

    Cool tips, *thumbs up emoji* wish someone pointed them out to me, had to learn some of that the hard way (though it is way more fun to make mistakes hahaha learning) except for 14 I have no particular niche I blog about, I just use my blog more of a an extension of my drafts, edited versions but still drafts, at least that is how I started, now I have not a clue ;-D


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    1. Hey B, it was great hey. The 140 character limit was indeed a struggle but in the end it worked really well to cut down on what I wanted to say.

      It’s interesting what we’ve all learnt from blogging. It’s all a learning process. We get better with each post.

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  2. Hi Colleen, thanks for sharing your tips, I’m pleased they work for you and I’m sure others will also find them helpful as I did.

    I write as I’m lead by the Lord so yes it does come from my heart including the Scripture but sometimes I will add a verse later if someone shares one when they are commenting and it adds to the message or God prompts me to add extra.

    With my being Dyslectic it surprises me that I can write a Post or comment on other peoples like I do, so I Thank God for this gift but I’m a cracked vessel and I do make spelling, punctuation and other errors, Thankfully God’s the Supper Glue.

    For me though Blogging is not just about what I share, it is just as important to me what others share in their comments and yes Thank you is really important. I also enjoy having a conversation with those who comment, when I was Blogging in Australia we often did this.

    I have made some wonderful friends Blogging but yes some enemies too, as you rightly shared not everyone will agree with us especially with being Christians, our focus is very different from the Worlds.

    Christian Love and Blessings – Anne.

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