All I Want Is Custom Made Shoes.

“Some people want to be rich and famous, I just want custom made shoes that don’t hurt my feet” is the thought I had as I got off the bus yesterday (24/09). Yesterday was a good day, I had fun with one of my close friends. We met up at the train station in the city and walked to the National Gallery of Victoria. According to Google Maps, NGV is 600m from the train station but before we even reached our destination I knew something was wrong as my feet started to hurt. I have walked further distances than this and also the distance from my house to the nearest tram stop is also just 600m and my feet never hurt when I walk to the tram stop.

We walked into the gallery and went straight to the open space with bin bags to have our hot chocolate. I sat on what is probably the most comfortable bin bag I have ever sat on #WinningAtLife. We only managed to cover one level of the gallery before we left as there was only an hour left before closing time and we decided there was no point in going to another level with such little time. Anyway we proceeded to take a tram back into the CBD and spent some time before we parted ways to go home. I walked to the train station which was about two blocks away instead of taking the tram. I probably should have taken the tram instead but oh well.

 Outside the National Gallery of Victoria
Outside the National Gallery of Victoria

This morning when I woke up, I thought my feet would be fine back to normal as is always the case when this sort of thing happens but boy was I wrong. I was very wrong because my feet still hurt. In fact doing simple household chores was a nightmare today. Not only that but sitting at the dining room table or  on the couch was very uncomfortable. It feels as life there’s something that’s happened to my right hip bone. It feels like there’s a bone poking me on my right side. I don’t know what this means but two things I know for sure 1. I need to get new shoes ASAP. 2. I need to go to the doctor ASAP and hope it really is just my shoes and nothing serious.

This experience got me thinking about how my life with my disability has caused me to have very simple dreams. Whilst my peers dream of climbing the corporate ladder, being rich or being famous, all I want at this point in time is custom made shoes that don’t hurt my feet. I am so SICK & TIRED of wearing shoes that do not suit my feet. Problem is, my feet are not the same size. The right foot is bigger than the left foot. Also my right foot has more strength and balance than the left one. This all makes shoe shopping a nightmare cause I have to find shoes that accommodate both feet. Fortunately I’ve just found a company here in Melbourne that makes orthopedic shoes. I might have to set up a GoFundMe page to afford their services LOL!! Anyway I will have to ring up up and inquire about their services but till then I have to drag myself to the nearest department store tomorrow to buy a new pair of shoes.

All I want in this life is custom made shoes that don’t hurt my feet, is that too much to ask for?



7 thoughts on “All I Want Is Custom Made Shoes.”

  1. Seriously Colleen how much would custom made shoes cost ? I don’t have them myself but yes I do have problems wearing shop brought shoes too, mostly now I wear slip on’s or socks they don’t hurt my severally arthritic feet or my bunions, I also don’t do much walking now, I have the Blessing of a Mobility Scooter and when I’m doing housework I rest often until my feet feel better.

    Christian friends have prayed for my feet to be healed which I’m very grateful for, they also show their Love in other ways too. Peter one of my long time friends, gave me a liniment which I call God’s Balm, he got the ingredients and quantities from Him after seeing similar advertised, I use it mostly with prayer for pain relief ( see link below) but amazingly I have also had full healing of other problems with it in the past.

    God’s Balm –

    Christian Love Always – Anne.

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    1. Hi Anne, I don’t know how much it would cost. The company I found is based here in Melbourne and when I ring them, I will let you know. You can do a Google search of the companies in your city that make custom made shoes, maybe you might find something.


  2. I read somewhere that if you really want something and you do not have you should make it yourself…. ok it was not in those words and it was in relation to reading a book and writing your own.. but I took certain poetic liberties…

    Custom shoe making business for all walks of life hmmm sounds catchy

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