The tides within

I absolutely loved this post by one of my favourites.

“When the tides blow strong against you as they often will, you must make a decision not to give in. Lose everything else, except hope and faith. Because the moment we lose hope, we die alive, and become merely mortal bodies with no real life or purpose driving us from within. “


There is a fight within me, the fight between where I am and where I am going, where I stand and where I am trying to get to, what is in my hand and what I am trying to really grip and get a hold of. I can see where I currently am, but I can also see where destiny desires me to be and is calling me to. The apparent fight is the image of God’s promise, fought by the image of my present reality. There are many things I see, that appear not tangible just as yet. And the fight in me is one of faith.

My present realities almost drown me and my promise, but I have to engage my lifeguard of faith and hope, and stay afloat, lest I find myself sunk to the bottom. I have to rise above the tides of past failures that…

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