Be careful what you blog, it might just happen!

A month ago I wrote about Fashion and Disability which became the most read and most shared post. In this post I questioned what people would think if someone like me was to walk on a fashion runway. A fortnight later I shared the post onto my Facebook and guess what I will be modelling in a fashion show *screams* !!!!!

One of my friends who is a fashion designer read the article and right there and then said “I want you in my next show” and I simply replied with a “Wow it would be an honour.” To be honest I did not think much of it. I was just ok cool, let’s see where this goes. Next thing you know, she sends me a message asking when I am available to meet up to do measurements for my outfit and I was like hold up you were actually serious? And she says “of course I was.” I still cannot believe it! What who me in a fashion show? Who would have known?

Screenshot (66)

So yeah I’m going to be modelling for Mad About Prints with RKM at the Raw Melbourne August event. The dress is looking AMAZING and the designer’s concept for the night is mind blowing, well at least I think so :-). I can guarantee it is something that has not been done before in Melbourne maybe possibly in the whole fashion industry. In fact the coordinators of the event were really impressed by the designer’s concept, apparently they said WOW!

Ladies and gentlemen be careful what you blog, it might just happen when you least expect it. Of course I say this sarcastically because blogging about something you are passionate about not only opens doors for you but opportunities may arise from it. Continue to write about what you love. Don’t ever feel discouraged. Fellow bloggers do not stop blogging, continue doing what you are doing. Share your posts on social media, you never know who is reading and what opportunities will arise from that.




4 thoughts on “Be careful what you blog, it might just happen!”

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    Way to go Colleen, I am super proud and happy for you. Make sure you post photos of the dress and the whole event when the day comes. 🙂

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