All that concerns you

I recently had a chat with the Lord where i brought all my concerns to Him. I found myself in that prayer stressing over certain things and asking the Lord to fix or change or make better the situation. Then He said “He will perfect all that concerns you.” I was like whoa. Then i started asking questions what about this, what about that and He responded yes that too. Then i started to ask Him about my loved ones and again He said that too. This is what He said to me “If it concerns you, I will perfect it. If healing that person concerns you, I will heal them. If that person receiving that breakthrough concerns you, I will perfect it. If the Zimbabwean economy concerns you, I will perfect it.”

Psalm 138:8

 The Lord will perfect that which concerns me;
Your mercy, O Lord, endures forever;
Do not forsake the works of Your hands.

I was speechless. I was in awe over what i was hearing. I had read and declared this verse over my life so many times. I had always viewed it in terms of my own life and never those close to me. In that moment God showed me that whatever it is i am stressed about be it healing for a loved one, the Zimbabwean economy, a job for that loved one, as long as it concerns me the Lord WILL perfect it.
In the same whatever it is that concerns you, the Lord will perfect. That is HIS promise to us and we know that the promises of the Lord are simply say and AMEN-that’s all we have to do say yes and AMEN to this promise.




2 thoughts on “All that concerns you”

  1. i liked this. I have always just narrowed in on the “you” part and focused on myself, the individual, and not the way God taught you, and now me as . dope post. thanks

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