A Note To Say Thank You.

12345This is a note to say thank to everyone who reads my posts and follows the blog. Thank you for coming on this journey with me as i chronicle my life with a disability. Thank you for engaging in dialogue with me about disability issues. I feel free to write about anything i want knowing that i will not be judged by anyone nor will my opinion/experiences be attacked. It is such an honour to know that someone out there takes time out of their busy day to sit down and read about little old me and the challenges i face daily. You have given me a voice which i previously did not have. You have given me a platform to share my thoughts. I have gained confidence. Not only have i gained a voice and confidence, i have met some amazing people who have become friends.
As the Zulu proverb goes “Umuntu ngumuntu ngabantu: A person is a person because of people.”

Colleen xoxo


5 thoughts on “A Note To Say Thank You.”

  1. Thank you Colleen for you appreciation of our comments I enjoy sharing with others my heart focus when they share theirs.

    But to be honest our value is not found in People but in God, people will put us down and hurt us if they are walking in the flesh, they will also agree with error and promote it because they have no True Love they are insincere.

    God Loves and values us greatly even with our shortcomings and weaknesses but does not accept sin, He hates it in all of it’s actions.

    Christian Love – Anne

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  2. Sorry Colleen, I had trouble Posting my comment this morning on your Blog, it kept disappearing. I wanted to add that yes you are right too we do need God for our value as a person of worth but He said to Adam it is not good for man to be alone and we to need each other in the Body of Christ.

    I received an email message years ago that talks about our worth to God, maybe you would enjoy it I also Posted a song with it that I heard as an Atheist and although I didn’t know what it meant till I became a Christian, it still touched my heart.

    Our Value-

    Christian Love- Anne


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