These Shoes Ain’t Loyal.

“A high top is a shoe that extends significantly over the wearer’s ankle. It is commonly an athletic shoe particularly for basketball”-Wikipedia, 2015 AND it is also a shoe i am obsessed with. I can literally spend an hour looking at different websites that sell high tops just to admire this beautiful shoe. I mean have you seen a Nike high top? That shoe is BEAUTIFUL to say the very least. Prior to 2013 i always thought i could never wear a pair of high tops. I would just look and admire these shoes on somebody else’s feet. Naturally because of my disability i had excluded myself, i had wrongfully concluded that i would never be able to wear a pair but boy was i wrong.

I remember walking into my local department store on a Saturday night back in 2013 to buy a new pair of shoes. My default shoe has always been a simple pair of trainers and nothing else. I find it funny that when i was much younger i could wear any pair of shoes. I have baby pictures where i am wearing normal shoes that my non-disabled peers would have also worn. I wonder what went wrong? Anyway i walk into the department store and head straight to the boys shoe section. I’m not a fan of girls shoes with all the pink and purple….Eeew nah miss me with all that girly stuff, thank you very much….lol As i was going through the section, my eyes landed on a pair of blue and black high tops. I silently screamed!!! A pair of high tops in the kids section. Shut the front door!!! What were the odds. I immediately went to try on a pair and to my surprise not only did they fit, they were also very comfortable. I won’t lie, i was a happy bunny. At some point i even posted a picture on my instagram account of these shoes-that’s how much i love them. It was love at first sight. I loved those shoes and they loved me back. What a perfect match! This love affair continued for another 15 months till December 2014.

Twelve weeks ago i started to experience discomfort whenever i wore my favourite pair of high tops. All of a sudden my left foot would hurt so i would have to double up on the socks on this foot. There would be discomfort in the right foot after a day spent in these shoes. It happened from no where, literally over night. On Monday everything was fine. I loved my shoes and they loved me back. We were going so well. Tuesday morning came and it was a completely different story. The shoes would not co-operate with my feet. I felt betrayed. What was happening? I panicked because this was new, i had never experienced this before. Anyway i soldiered on and against my feet’s wishes, i wore the shoes. Bad decision because at the end of the day, my feet hurt like crazy!

For the longest time i could not understand or make the connection between the discomfort in my feet and the shoes i was wearing. After all i just thought it was a bad day at the office hence the discomfort. I have since come to accept that maybe just maybe these shoes are no longer fit for my feet. The disappointment, the hurt, the betrayal. How could they do me so wrong like this? Now i am back to the drawing board where i have to find another cut of high tops that fit perfectly and comfortably or back to the boring trainers. THESE SHOES AIN’T LOYAL!!!!!


4 thoughts on “These Shoes Ain’t Loyal.”

  1. It’s a shoe brand. I have issues with wearing flat shoes and Nike, and other sneakers just didn’t fit or became disloyal at some point. 🙂 Amazon and Massey’s shoes carry them. You can find them online.


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