The struggle continues…..

Before i begin let me just point out that this post is a follow up to this post Now that’s out of the way let’s begin.

Today i went to my local gym to check it out and see if can use any of the equipment. It’s something i have been thinking about a lot the past week. I walked in, got a tour of the place. A personal trainer was called to assist me to see which equipment i can use and to my disappointment it only boiled down to three equipments that i could use so it’s safe to say there’s no point in me going the gym. I am glad though that the personal trainer showed me a few exercises that i will be doing at home on my own.

Reason i have been thinking about joining a gym is because i have hit a plateau in my weight loss. On September the 1st 2014 i started my weight loss journey. I lost 5kgs in a space of 6 weeks by following a “clean eating plan” that i made up myself and by walking 6 days a week. To begin with i started walking 1km then increased it to 1,5kms then increased it again to 2kms. It was really really awesome i loved every minute of it. Then the month of December came and that’s when everything went down hill. Well not quite. I continued to lose another 2kgs so to date i have lost 7.2kgs. That’s a huge achievement right? Well it is and i proud of myself. However i was really bad over the Christmas season and i am still recovering from that *covers face.* Between December and today, i have not been eating clean according to my standards and i have not really exercised in like two months yikes!!!!

struggle021I guess the lesson of the day is i have to stick to what i have been doing all along and incorparate the new exercises i learnt today. It takes me twice as long to lose weight and i have to work twice as hard. Having a disability does exclude me from a lot of physical activity but i will NOT stop till i get the results i want.

Here’s to continuing the struggle!!!! #LETS GO 🙂

PS: I deliberately used the word “struggle” instead of journey. Anyone who’s ever spent time with me knows i use the word as “slang” and not in a negative way. Just thought i would put it out there.


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