What Do Strangers See?

whatyouseeI had told myself i would take a break from blogging in the month of January but i just couldn’t resists posting something so here i am…..As i was walking home on Monday deep in my thoughts, a car suddenly stopped. The driver of the car rolled down their passenger window and asked me if i wanted a lift which i kindly declined. She then went to ask if i was sure i was okay and again i reassured her that i was fine. She then drove off. I was left there wondering “what did she see?” What exactly did she see? Did she a person with a disability and felt pity for them? Or did she see a person with a disability and wanted to make their day a little easier? I often wonder what people strangers see when they see me. When they see me standing at the traffic lights and they stare as they drive past? What do strangers see when they stare at me on the streets? I’ll never know what this particular woman saw or thought when she saw me but i am truly grateful that on that day, a stranger had the heart to make my day easier even though i declined her help.

What do you see when you a person with a disability?


4 thoughts on “What Do Strangers See?”

  1. You may not know this, My youngest son who just happen to have my mentality 😦 became legally blind during his bout with Leukemia beginning at the age of 9. He is 23 now. He doesn’t like going out or associating with anyone other than his dad, nieces & nephews, and I. His mindset is this “I don’t have a disability. I don’t know why they use that word. People stare too much.” I have been speechless since and now I can agree with him. I don’t care for the word. We are all different in some form or fashion is what I’ll agree too.
    When I look at your photo, I see a very blessed child of God’s who is highly esteemed and focused…I love it. When I come across others I help when they are unable to do, open door, carry groceries, etc…. Then again I do that for people who don’t have a disability. I’m naturally a helper elf due to upbringing.
    Being elderly is a ‘disability’ if we give it some deep thought.
    Sometimes it is good to accept help and not think that all people want to help just because of what they see. However, if someone asks ‘what happened’, I’d tell them none of their business or give them a story they couldn’t believe.
    I think I worded this right. LOL We are who we are in Jesus name, broken somewhere.


    1. Yes Sheila i do remember you mentioned it on one of my posts last year. At times dealing with strangers can be a problem and all you want is just to be in a “comfort” zone. It’s interesting how people with disabities do not like the word disability and whilst others like me don’t mind it at all, guess it all depends on one’s experiences. Yeah i don’t even answer the “what happened” question, i now just simply walk away. It’s a crazy world out there.


  2. Sometimes it’s hard for people not to stare when they see someone with a disability. I respect those that approach the person and make conversation, trying to understand the nature of the disability. They are definitely better than those that just stare, leaving the person with the disability wondering what exactly they are thinking.

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