Where Is MY Portion?

This truly blessed me and at the same time was a slap in the face…GOD MAKES ALL THINGS BEAUTIFUL IN ITS TIME!

The Chronicles of EveryWoman

June 2015

Liza opens the door and lets out a dramatic sigh. Cleo, her roommate, looks up from her laptop.

“And then?” Cleo asks. Liza slams the door, throws her handbag – and herself – onto the bed. She lets out another sigh. Cleo watches her quietly.

“Nothing is working out for me!” she cries. She turns to look at Cleo. “Cleo, it’s already June! We’re halfway into the year and I’m still at that crappy job of mine. I’m still broke. Don’t even get me started on my relationship. Marcus is playing games with me, girl! How long have we been dating and there is still no sign of a ring at all!”

She screams into a pillow whilst Cleo watches her quietly.

“This is meant to be my year!” Liza moans. “It feels more like my year of utter and complete failure!”

She sits up, hair flying all over…

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