He looks at our hearts

1-samuel-16-7A couple weeks ago my room was in a mess. I had an assignment due that weekend and i just did not have the time to clean my room. On one of the days i decided to “clean” by simply picking up the clothes off the floor and throw them in the closest. If anyone had walked into my room they would have praised me for how “clean”my room was but upon close inspection one would see that it was a far cry from being clean, in fact it was all a facade cause the “real junk” was in the closest. Isn’t it the same with our lives, how we can sing and shout at the top of our voices in church, clap the loudest, pray the longest, post scripture and everyone look at us and say yes wow this person is so close to God yet our hearts be filled with all the wrong things. To the world we may look to be on point in our relationships with God but our hearts be far from Him. Our hearts reveal the real us not what we look like or how the world views us. This week i want the condition of my heart to match up with my outside appearance, after all that’s what God looks at.


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