The ultimate power source

A couple of weeks ago i got home from church to discover there was no power at home. At first i found it funny, like hey we have no power at home. The first half an hour or so was ok, i kept myself busy on twitter then darkness fell and my laptop’s battery was flat that’s when i realised it was no laughing matter not having power. I was so miserable, annoyed, every negative emotion one can think of. Luckily our stove isn’t electric so i was able to heat up left overs and have that for dinner. As i was standing over the stove heating up my food, it hit me just how much life sucks without power. The house was dark, outside was pitch black, my phone was fact running out of battery. I could not read, i could not watch tv, i could not use my laptop, the only option was to sleep. In that moment standing over the food, i got this crazy picture in my head of how God is the power and all the appliances in the house are us.

John 15:4

 Abide in Me, and I in you. As the branch cannot bear fruit of itself, unless it abides in the vine, neither can you, unless you abide in Me.

God is the ulimate power source and we are all appliances. Just like how the house was dark without the power so are our lives without GOD. Just like how my laptop could not function without power so are we, we cannot function without God. Just like how i could not read or do anything else without power so are our lives, that is we cannot do anything meaningful in our lives, we cannot do anything meaningful with our lives without the ultimate source of power GOD. Jesus said if we remain in HIM, He remains in us and we cannot bear fruit unless we live in the vine which is HIM. This week, i challenge us to meditate on this verse and ask God to continue to open our eyes to this revelation that truly without HIM we are nothing.


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