14 Months On.


It was a Tuesday night when i sat down and started this blog. I had no idea what i was getting myself into. All i knew was i wanted to have a blog. It was something i had been talking about for a while with one of my closest friends and she kept pushing me to start the blog. A few years prior to this with the help of one of my uncles, i started a blog but i can’t remember what i called it.  To be honest at the time i had no idea what i was doing, i don’t even remember if i blogged at all. All i remember at the time, i was too young to be putting my thoughts to the world. Lesson number one some things require time before you can launch them, let the idea mature first lest you end up with a disaster on your hands which is what would have happened had i started blogging then. Anyway back to the story, on this Tuesday night i took a plunge into the unknown, into the world of blogging. I welcomed the world into my world, a world i had kept hidden for all my life not because i was embarrassed or ashamed of it but simply because i did not know how to express this world, how to express this side of me. Lesson number two do not be afraid to share your story with the world, you have no idea who it will inspire. From that day i started blogging, blogging in secret and not telling anyone about the blog even to this day i still get the “OMG i didn’t know you have a blog” simply because i hardly tell people about my blog let alone post on social media. I did not know if i would get any “followers,” i didn’t know if anyone would be interested in reading or following my story but slowly i started to tell family and friends about the blog. Even then i was still very selective of who i told because it felt like i was putting my business out there and to be honest i did not know how i felt about it and frankly speaking i still don’t know how i feel about it. On some days i would put up two or more posts then i would go quiet for months, not knowing what to write or if i should continue to write. Lesson number three it is ok to take a break from sharing your story, if you don’t feel like sharing it, don’t and on the days you feel inspired and want to write go ahead and blog but never be under any pressure to share your story. There were times i did feel the pressure especially from friends who would ask when next i would post. Back then most of my posts were negative and full of frustration because i was angry. Angry at how the blog was being perceived so i stopped blogging altogether, in fact i actually wanted to close it down. What was the point? There was no point. People were misunderstanding my intentions, people were misunderstanding what i was saying so i stopped blogging for a number of months. Halfway through this year right at the point where i wanted to shut down the blog, i read something that truly touched me and made me change my mind The simple words from an old friend completely changed my mind and opened my eyes to the fact because it is MY story AND i have to share it. Lesson number four if you’re not sharing your story believe me you’re sharing somebody else’s story.

changed-77363214 months on so what exactly has changed? I have changed. My voice in the posts has changed. The mission of the blog has changed. The blog is no longer about just sharing my story, it is now about changing the perception of disability one reader at a time.  This new chapter excites me because like i said before the blog has enabled me to have conversations with people about disability issues that prior to the blog i never would have had the courage to do so. I look forward to the conversations that will come out of this new chapter.



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