Always consult the ultimate GPS

A few days ago i decided to leave the house without consulting the GPS to find out where i was going. I was so certain so sure i knew the way but that turned out to be the opposite. I made one wrong turn and before you knew it, i was completely lost. I was so stubborn and still did not want to look at the GPS so i soldiered on till i got to a no through road and that’s when i realised i had wasted time being stubborn. At that point i unfortunately had to make a U turn and go back to my starting point.


Moral of the story—-> NEVER leave the house without looking at the GPS least you waste time getting lost. This little principle can easily be applied to our relationship with God. He is the ultimate GPS not global positioning system but rather the GOD POSITIONING SYSTEM. When we do not consult God on our plans, dreams, things we intend to do and when those things don’t work out, we end wasting time going back to the drawing board to try again; YET when we commit our plans to God, He directs us and tells us where to turn and where to stop and rest. The beauty of relying on the God positioning system is that you never get lost because He is directing your paths. What plans will you allow the God positioning system to guide you this week?


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