Remove the distractions

On my morning walks i have decided to adopt a new habit of leaving my earphones at home and not listen to music whilst walking. I have to say it’s been an amazing experience thus far. Why? Simply because i can hear all sorts of different sounds, from dogs barking (which i don’t like), to cars driving past me, birds chirping-oh now that’s just so beautiful. I’ve never enjoyed these walking walks as i do now. I always used to prepare a playlist before leaving the house and listen to music and in the process miss out on all these beautiful sounds around me. I would be so caught up in my music that i wouldn’t even stop to appreciate the beautiful nature around me especially when i am walking through the park but that has all changed now.


Jeremiah 29:13 You will seek me and find me when you seek me with all your heart.


Isn’t it amazing how when we remove the distractions in our lives we are able to fully seek GOD with all our hearts? Just how i have removed the music distraction by daily choosing to leave my earphones at home and appreciate the beautiful sounds around me? In the same way when we remove the distractions in our lives, when we make the conscious effort to remove the distractions of worry, fear, unbelief, societal pressure are we able to fully seek God with all our hearts AND the beauty is that when we do this we will find HIM. What distractions are stopping you from seeking God with all your heart?





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