His yoke is easy, His burden is light

Two weeks ago i thought i was superwoman but boy oh boy was i in for a big shock. I do my grocery shopping weekly after my class on Thursdays. On this particular thursday i had quite a lot of things to buy. As i was walking through the supermarket with my basket in hand, i could already tell that it was too heavy and i had to take some things. I debated with myself so many times but i was very stubborn and argued with myself that i needed EVERYTHING in the basket despite how heavy it was. Anyway i made my way to the checkout counter, paid and packed away my groceries in my backpack. Ok that went well i thought. I took one step and honestly i could barely walk. I could not return any of the things i had bought because i did not want to go back to the supermarket so what options did i have? I decided to just soldier on despite the pain i was in. I made it to the bus stop way ahead of time so i got the chance to put my bad down call a friend and asked her if she could pick me up along the way and to my luck she was actually on her way out headed to exactly where i was. We then decided on me catching the bus then getting off at a certain point and she picks me up from there which worked out well. However what i neglect to mention is that it actually took me a lot to call her and ask for help why because i hate asking people for help. I’m the type of girl that will make two rounds to the supermarket instead of asking someone to drive me there. No specific reason, just me being independent.


The above scripture came to mind as i was walking through this mall to the bus stop and i thought to myself how stupid i was for making this bad decision to buy so many things that i couldn’t carry and at that point that’s when i thought i should ask for help. Isn’t it funny how we can carry so much hurt, bitterness, anger, hate in our hearts, in our lives, in our relationships instead of just giving it all up to God and releasing ourselves from these negative toxic emotions? For some they hold onto these negative emotions because they are afraid of what lies on the other side. I kept debating with myself should i ask her, should i call her? What if she can’t? What happens then? I had two options to either take the chance call my friend and be released from this heavy load or carry on with this load and do damage to my body? Truth is the longer we hold onto this heavy burden, the more damage we do to our souls, our lives, our heart, our relationships BUT when we give it all up to God and ask Him to help us, then and only then can be released from this heavy burden.


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